I’ve been playing games since I was 7 years old and first sat down in front of the TV with a Nintendo Entertainment System attached to it, playing Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros.

These days I play across all platforms including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and PC. My favourite game is Destiny 2, and my favourite series is The Legend of Zelda. I enjoy looter-shooters, RPGs, MMOs, and single-player story games.

I like to play indies too, and some I have enjoyed recently include Inscryption, Before Your Eyes and Death’s Door. Some of the best games of the year are in the indie space.

I’ve been writing about Video Games since 2019 including reviews, news and features. I also run a weekly podcast called This Week In Video Games, which is available on all your favourite podcast apps, plus YouTube too.

As well as the writing I enjoy creating tutorials for Destiny 2, focusing on helping the community get the best weapons, armour and also find combinations of both to create effective endgame builds.